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wenzhou ulterior electric technology co.,ltd is a company dedicated lockout tagout

About Us

Wenzhou Ulterior Electric Technology Co., Ltd. is a lockout tagout company dedicated to advocating the "prevention and security first"concept by providing solutions in all fields of industry. The product range in providing supporting facility solution covers safety lockout padlocks, safety valve lockouts, safety cable lockouts, industrial electrical lockouts, lockout tags, management lockout station and so on. Ulterior having a first-class management team, ensures product quality, pursue innovative development and serves to safeguard valuable lives. The company is located in Wenzhou Beibaixiang town industrial zone, adjacent to Wenzhou airport and Wenzhou port. The ideal location makes transportation via land, air or sea very convenient. Welcome to join hands in the foundation for achieving economic efficiency in safe environment.


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Can you provide the relevant documents?

Yes, we can provide most of the documents, including the product safety certificate, the place of origin, and other relevant documents.                                

Do you have a minimum order quantity?

No, but in order to take into account your shipping cost, I hope that your order quantity will not be too small, so that you can save your cost.

What is your average lead time?

The lead time for samples is 7 days. If the order is large, the delivery time is 20-30 days after you pay the deposit. The delivery time will be effective from when we receive your deposit and we get your final confirmation of the product. In any case, we will meet your requirements.                          

What kind of payment method can you accept?

 You can pay to our bank account, VISA, Maestro, Paypal, MasterCard, Western Union, Alipay or WeChat. 30% deposit is paid in advance, and 70% of the balance is shown in the bill of lading.                         

Do you have a product warranty?

We can guarantee the conformity of the materials and workmanship of our products. We promise to make you satisfied with our products, whether it is guaranteed or not, solving customer problems and making every customer satisfied is the purpose of our company.


Can you guarantee the safe delivery of the product to me?

Yes, our product packaging adopts high-quality neutral export packaging with fine packaging. For those fragile products, we will use additional packaging to ensure that the products are intact

We will contact you within 24 hours

Welcome to join hands in the foundation for achieving economic efficiency in safe environment.

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